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While standing in my booth at a fly fishing conclave a distinguished gentleman walked up and proceeded to pick up and thumb the pages of Guide to Fly Fishing Knots, my second book. As he did he had a smile that stretched ear to ear as the pages turned. He went as far as to read the Foreword written by Flip Pallot. After completing his journey through the book he placed it back in its original spot on the table. 

Still smiling he asked, "Why should I buy this book when I can find the same information in other books and magazines?" 



Returning the smile and in a humble voice I replied, "Yes, sir you can. But may I ask, do you remember which magazines or books the information is in, where you left them and how big a hurry you're in for the information?" 

The gentleman picked the book back up, handed me payment for the book and replied with two simple words, "Point made." 

As a sport fisherman I have become a teacher of the knots and rigs I have learned over the past three decades. The majority of you that page through this book do not care or have time to continually look through stacks of magazines and books for information you need and want now. This book is for beginners to advanced fishermen and in a clear, illustrated format that guides you through an array of information, knots, and rigs. I would like to offer these pages as a solid informational base for general information, knots, and rigs.

It's your job to work and enjoy your time fishing, the job of this book is to save you research time so you can do what you do best. 


-Tight knots, good rigs and happy fishing, Larry V. Notley, 

Galactic War Lord and Mad Dog Fisherman


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