Hybrid Timber Framing

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Intuition, passion and perseverance are the building blocks of expressive, personalized beauty using hybrid timber framing. A lifetime of tenacious determination has, for the most part, assisted me on my timber framing pathway.

As a son of a carpenter, I remember pounding nails as early as two years old. At the age of sixteen, I began my building apprenticeship in earnest. At twenty-four years old, I, together with my wife Kristine, founded Arrow Construction, as a high-end framing subcontractor.



In 2002, a client asked me whether I could do a bit of timber framing for him, in addition to the conventional framing I was currently doing. So, I went to the local library to investigate, found an age-old building craft in revival ... AND FELL IN LOVE! This resulted in an intense period of study, learning, and sacrifice. Although there have been bumps and bruises along the way, it has been a fun, rewarding journey, which has deepened my love for the craft.

Deep down, I think the culture of mass­-produced, one-size-fits-all merchandise is a happiness-drain for far too many people. It is better to have a targeted life with purpose, than to acquire a lot of mediocre things for the sake of having them. Too much waste, clutter, and frustration, I say. It is much better to emphasize and display our values with purposeful choices.



As far as specific expertise qualifying me to write about expressive hybrid timber framing, I will point to years of hands-on conventional framing. Many years have been devoted to designing and building flexible hybrid timber framing packages. Throughout this book you will discover limitless options and valuable time and money-saving ideas.

These results have earned awards in various building and magazine competitions and created hundreds of happy clients (over 500 at the time of publishing this book), some of which you will see on our website. At the end of the day, you are both 'Judge and jury"; the value you receive will be measured by how well these materials inspire you to integrate these hybrid timber practices and create a unique project.



For professionals in this trade, including architects and builders, it is our goal that you will look back on your experiences with your clients and realize how this material has helped your clients achieve long-term happiness with their projects. We simply hope this book becomes a memorable stepping stone or even a turning point for you as you move forward, Creating Unique Beauty with Expressive Timber Framing!

On behalf of the ATF Yeam,

—Bert Sarkkinen



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