Clamming the Pacific Northwest Coast

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Detailed Washington location map also included. Plus species, tools, timing and much more!


In the old days if you didn't have friends to show you where the clams were, you just didn't go! Today with the internet it's a whole new world. Knowing where to go is so important and I think more people are interested in clamming because it's a lot easier to find out where to go. In addition, with products like Google Earth (available for free on the internet), you can literally zoom down to the earth's surface and see clammers on the beach. Even finding hidden trails and hard-to-find spots becomes easy. We offer clamming-specific maps from all around the Pacific Northwest.

Clamming is a rapidly growing hobby in the Pacific Northwest. It's great fun for all ages, you don't need a boat or expensive tackle, and chances are there is a location near you. If you are new to clamming, you'll find simple instructions that will have you harvesting clams in minutes. If you're looking to broaden your skillset, Clamming the Pacific Northwest Coast is the most comprehensive guide for harvesting razor and bay clams. Also includes informative maps & charts, tides, equipment, regulations, recipes, and so much more.

Easy to read and full of personal experience and family stories, Clamming the Pacific Northwest Coast is one of those rare guidebooks that is not only informative, but fun and interesting to read too. 8 1/2 x 11 inches, 88 pages, all-color.


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