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It's a rare river that has a storied past such as the North Umpqua's. Now in The Creel: North Umpqua River Edition many voices share what it is about this magical river that makes it so compelling and unforgettable. The North Umpqua epitomizes the river as cultural landscape--full of narrative power, human drama and the simple joys of friends doing things that matter in a place they love. The North Umpqua River captures the hearts of all who spend time there; locals and sojourners alike share a deep admiration and respect for this special river. Some names might sound familiar --Ted Novis, Seth Blake, Major Mott, Zane Grey, Jack Hemingway, Jane Wyatt--and some won't, but all helped to create the wonderful traditions and lore that The Creel uniquely honors. Historical photos, documents, and writings enhance the reminiscences of today's skilled anglers and writers who now enjoy the North Umpqua. This book will make you feel as though you are sitting at the large dining-room table at the Steamboat Inn, listening in on the lively conversations of North Umpqua legends such as Ray Bergman, Col. Jim Hayden, Ruth and Mike "Mr. Steelhead" Kennedy, Pat Lee, former Steamboat Inn owners Frank and Jeanne Moore, and Jim and Sharon Van Loan, the current owners of the inn. William Faulkner describes outdoor talk as "forever the best of all listening" and that could never be more true than when sitting around the big table at Steamboat. When dealing with a river as magnificent as the North Umpqua, the written word alone is not sufficient. Bringing this visually stunning river to life was brilliantly achieved by the late Dan Callaghan through his ever-present camera and unique talents as both angler and artist. The Creel: North Umpqua River Edition joins the classics by authors such as Ray Bergman, Clark Van Fleet and Claude Krieder, in continuing the North Umpqua's important and fascinating literary legacy.

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