RAPTORS OF PACIFIC NORTHWEST by Thomas Bosakowski & Dwight G. Smith

RAPTORS OF PACIFIC NORTHWEST by Thomas Bosakowski & Dwight G. Smith

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Written by two raptor biologists, this book discusses 35 species of these majestic birds. Informative text, maps, and spectacular photography make this book a must for all homes in the Pacific Northwest including British Columbia. Over the centuries, raptors have become both symbolic and metaphor for beauty, courage, swiftness, and above all, ferocity. In the U.S., raptors have been displayed as an emblem of strength, freedom, and power. "Raptors of the Northwest" features the following information on 35 species found throughout the Pacific Northwest range; life history; behavior; conservation status; habitat requirements; nesting; eggs and young; hunting behavior and diet; territory and density; survey methods; conservation and management.

145 crisp photographs capture the beauty and majesty of these impressive birds. Each species has at least 4 photos, most have more

Each species has a color-coded range map, featuring breeding, resident,and wintering ranges.

Information is presented in an easy-to-read format

This handbook is an essential tool for any birder, naturalist, biologist, eco-tourist, or wildlife enthusiast who plans on exploring the Pacific Northwest for these awe-inspiring birds.

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