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This is the most comprehensive directory of salmon flies ever published. Respected international fly-tying author Chris Mann has been studying salmon flies and their inventors for 30 years. He has corresponded with countless expert tiers in the United States, Canada, the Nordic and Western European countries, seeking out all their popular and enduring salmon flies.

Over 1800 salmon and steelhead flies―each one illustrated in color and with its full dressing provided―make this the definitive reference, the all-in-one volume for salmon anglers and fly-tiers throughout the world.

Chris Mann’s vibrant illustrations of the flies show them with great clarity, accuracy, and consistency. The flies are ordered alphabetically, making it easy for the reader to find the exact fly and to check the precise dressing. Mann gives a brief introduction to each fly, noting its originator when known, and the reputation it has achieved. Included are the most important and relevant examples of each type of pattern―dry, hairwing, featherwing, hackle fly, Spey, Dee, shrimp, skater, marabou, etc. Also included is a bibliography and three separate indexes make finding what you want quite easy. This beautifully designed and illustrated book is destined to be a classic, found on the bookshelves of salmon anglers and fly-tiers worldwide.

Hardbound, 9 x 11 1/2, 468 pages

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